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We are Penguin Portals

We are the world’s largest group of its kind with one universal mission – to empower people to choose better. For over 17 years, our digital marketplaces have helped customers from across the globe buy products and services tailored to their needs. From insurance and loans, to mortgages, credit cards and banks, energy and internet providers.

Starting with the launch of Confused.com, the UK’s first insurance comparison service, we have become a growing global operation under the Penguin Portals Group, a subsidiary of Admiral Group plc.

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We’re a group of digital marketplaces with one universal aim – to empower customers to make better buying decisions using technology.
We’re the only group of its kind to be stationed in six countries and reap the benefits of global mobility. Our ambition is to expand our service to customers across the world.
Starting with the UK’s first insurance comparison site, Confused.com, which was founded 17 years ago, we have a proven track record of using global knowledge sharing to cultivate similar operations in other countries.

We are global

Our portfolio spans six unique marketplace operations, as well as our technology excellence centre based in India.

Penguin Portals is a subsidiary of Admiral Group plc, formed of three marketplace operations in the UK, Spain and France, and our technology excellence centre based in India.
Preminen - a subsidiary of Admiral Group plc, and joint venture with MAPFRE - was set up to help us establish and grow new marketplaces across the globe.
The three newest marketplace operations, based in Mexico, Turkey and India, are part of Preminen.

We lead

Our team of exceptional leaders have decades of experience in the digital and fin tech space.

Be a Penguin

Be part of a driven global team who are passionate about using technology to deliver a united vision.

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Why Penguins?

We are stronger together
We thrive in competitive conditions
We believe in equality
We are unconventional - we embrace being different



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