Penguin Portals

Empowering people to choose better

Combined annual turnover of our comparison platforms in 2019
7mvisitors a month
Average number of visitors to our platforms each month
We span the globe, from Mexico to India
Our platforms compare everything from insurance to mortgages
We have over 600 employees
From penguins to basset hounds

We are Penguin Portals

Penguin Portals is a global network of comparison platforms for financial services. We have one universal mission – to empower people to make better choices.

Our platforms help people across the globe compare a range of financial services including insurance, loans, mortgages, credit cards and banking, energy, internet providers and many more. Supporting our colony as it grows is our tech centre, Admiral Technologies.

Penguin Portals is formed of two holding groups – Penguin Portals Ltd and Preminen Price Comparison Holdings Ltd. Penguin Portals Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Admiral Group plc. Preminen is a joint venture between Admiral Group plc and MAPFRE.


Starting with the launch of in 2002, the UK’s first comparison site for car insurance, we’ve grown into a global network of platforms. And our colony is still growing.
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  • Leadership
  • Board Members
Elena Betés Novoa
Elena Betés NovoaElena Betés Novoa
CEO of Penguin Portals
Louise O’Shea
Louise O’SheaLouise O’Shea
CEO of
Fernando Summers Gil
Fernando Summers GilFernando Summers Gil
CEO of
Itzal Arbide
Itzal ArbideItzal Arbide
CEO of
Pedro Tabernero
Pedro TaberneroPedro Tabernero
CEO of Preminen
Angel Hidalgo
Angel HidalgoAngel Hidalgo
CEO of
Peter Balbach
Peter BalbachPeter Balbach
Managing Director of Admiral Technologies
Margaret Rice-Jones
Margaret Rice-JonesMargaret Rice-Jones
Chairperson, Penguin Portals Ltd
Elena Betés Novoa
Elena Betés NovoaElena Betés Novoa
CEO of Penguin Portals
Margaret Johnson
Margaret JohnsonMargaret Johnson
Non-Executive Director, Penguin Portals Ltd
Geraint Jones
Geraint JonesGeraint Jones
Chief Financial Officer, Admiral Group plc


Segmented customer experiences
Global mobility
Agile and focused teams
Bespoke partnerships
Established and trusted brands
Advanced data science and analytics
Machine learning and automation
Innovation labs
Performance-based digital marketing


We are stronger together
We are stronger together
We’re not just a global colony, we’re a family. We actively share knowledge and support each other across teams and geographies. We’re not afraid to challenge each other in the name of best practice. 600+ heads are better than 1.
We thrive in competitive conditions
We thrive in competitive conditions
Our resilience and ambition to lead enables us to succeed in challenging markets. We are energised by challenges; nothing is impossible.
We believe in equality
We believe in equality
Every penguin in our colony is valued, regardless of their role and seniority. We believe our customers deserve equality too. We strive to empower people by giving them transparency across products and markets.
We embrace being different
We embrace being different
Being different means being irreplaceable. We’re different because we’re the only global network of our kind. We champion difference in our employees. Their uniqueness brings new and creative ideas that keep us ahead of the curve.


Greyfriars House, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff, CF10 3AL, United Kingdom